Load Shedding Challenge

The 1st positive experience with loadshedding!

Welcome to the first POSITIVE experience you will have with “Load Shedding”!

Lionspear is on a mission to help you shed unwanted kilograms, unwanted negative thoughts about your self and unhealthy habits.

Join our 12 week challenge today and stand a chance to win!

We are looking for the person with the biggest Lifestyle, Eating Habits and Training transformation, who we want to reward with a R5000 PRIZE.
We have a limited number of spaces for participants to enter the Load Shedding Challenge, so JOIN NOW to find the light at the end of your tunnel!

Join now and get access to our App.

Does the idea of finding your way around a gym and confusing gym equipment cause you anxiety? Are you unsure what exercised you need to do, and worry about how to do them properly?

Download our App now – you never have to feel lost or intimidated again.

Our user-friendly App will not only load a training programme, customised to your unique needs, but it also includes easy-to-follow instructional videos, daily motivations and a tracking feature to help keep you motivated. Getting healthy has never been easier!


Lionspear’s 12-week workout plan is specifically designed to help you achieve maximum results, in minimum time.
Delivered daily via our user-friendly App, our 12-week workout plan include easy-to-follow instructions and videos that will show you how to do each exercise, as well as a tracking feature to help your stay on top of your 12-week program.

Like a personal trainer in your pocket, our Training Program empower you physically, and strive to help build your focus and motivation.


Now offering professional, easy-to-follow and budget friendly meal plans which cater for the South African menu. Formulated for this challenge by our partners, Midwell Dieticians, our meal plans will help you lose weight, get healthy and efficiently nourish your body. Do our quiz and discover which meal plan suits you best!


Needing that extra boost of encouragement?

Join today and you will have access to our exclusive community support group. Share your journey, challenges and triumphs with like-minded people who are in the transformation process as well, without feeling intimidated.

You also have direct access to Leandri, who is available to answer any of your questions directly.

…it has been an amazing journey of physical and mental growth as well as self-discovery… through challenging, yet fun workouts…


“. I can already do so much more than I initially thought possible…”


“…training with you has helped me reach heights that I never thought possible… I once again believe that I can overcome challenges.”


“…she keeps you focused on your goals while she is constantly challenging you to become a better version of yourself…”


About Leandri

A certified Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist, Leandri is passionate about fitness and passionate about family. As a wife and new mom, she has realised the importance of merging these two worlds effectively. Having spent a great deal of her youth struggling with being overweight, Leandri was able to focus her mindset and change her life for the better. Being strong, healthy and fit is attainable for all, and Leandri is excited to share this with you!

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